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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 21, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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60s. slowly but surely as we approach memorial day weekend, temperatures acting more like they should this time of year. >> thank you, rob. nbc nightly news" is next and then more local news on the bay area at 6:00. we'll see you d out of jail, but not free. the former imf chief paying a high price for house arrest tonight in new york. the fallout after tough talk at the white house. president obama feeling the heat for that call to change israel's borders. phantom phone fees. at&t under fire for charging iphone and ipad users for data they never used. are you paying too much? apocalypse not now. what happened after one man's prediction the end is here.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. free dpom from a new york city jail cell has come at a very high price for the disgraced former head of the imf, dominick strauss-kahn accused of sexually assaulting a hotel house keeper is spending his first full day und under house arrest. it's a deal well beyond the means of the average accused person. yet, the wealthy frenchman is finding his political prominence and stature can no longer seem to buy him a place to leavive h in new york. kristen. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the man who was once one of the world peace most powerful is holed up here. dominique strauss-kahn was released after posting the $1 million cash bail, a $5 million insurance bond and greeing to restrictions being called some
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of the most stringent in new york history. it is a world away from rikers island where dominique strauss-kahn spent part of the last week. instead of a small cell, he's now in a spacious apartment, a building that advertises nine foot ceilings, bay windows and two bedrooms that start at more than 4200 a month. >> who cares he gets to wear an ankle bracelet. i could stay there and wear an ankle bracelet. that's no big deal. >> reporter: for the form herd of the imf and would be french presidential candidate now charged with attempting to rape a maid in his new york hotel there are other restrictions as well. for now strauss-kahn can't leave the building. his front doors have alarms and surveillance cameras and an armed guard is watching at all times. security costs 200,000 a month paid for by strauss-kahn. outside there are cameras as well. tourists snapping pictures and hoards of media from all over the world. for residents who found
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themselves with a new neighbor and all the commotion -- >> it's kind of a little bit scary to come out and mobbed by camera crews. >> reporter: that has been the problem with finding a more permanent place for strauss-kahn to spend his house arrest. he was supposed to move to an apartment on new york's wealthy upper east side until the media found out and angered residents put their foot down. so the security company guarding strauss-kahn arranged the temporary apartment, but the judge has ordered him to find a new place in the next few days, something that may not be easy. >> right now he's going through a lot of attention in his life, which is exactly the type of attention a building does not want to see. >> reporter: many new yorkers now saying not in any backyard. >> i wouldn't feel safe and like to have a person with that background in my neighborhood. >> reporter: now, when strauss-kahn does move he'll be given a little morleyway, able it to leave apartment for things like court dates, attorneys, meetings and doctors' visits as long as he gives the prosecution
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six hours' notice. it's still unclear where he'll go. >> thanks. in the louisiana bayous tonight the anxious wait for the swollen miss rizzs to top out is phrasing nerves and wearing down those whose lives are in jeopardy. we're in stephensville, louisiana tonight where residents are on pins and needles as they wait for word to evacuate. >> reporter: good evening. for people hearing these grim forecasts for several years and now some of the mandatory evacuation orders are delayed, putting life in communities like this one further on hold. more trouble for the mississippi. the bulie bulging rivers closed baton rouge after three barges sank. high water may have been a factor. back in the bayous where the crest is delayed until next saturday, ipt's an anxious waiting game.
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this woman has lived here for 50 years. with her husband gone and her children grown, she's facing the floodwaters alone. >> four different times i had high water, i never had water in my house. >> reporter: what do you think about this time? >> i'm afraid i might. >> reporter: yet, she and her neighbors are placing their trust in their faith. >> we gather to pray that we will be protected from flooding. >> reporter: each evening they've been gathering at their community park, known as virgin island, to he recite the rosary. have prayers been answered they wonder? flood levels are being revised downward, in some spots more than two feet lower than feared. a mandatory evacuation for this area is delayed 48 hours. measure rick and his son have left but came back today to check on his property. >> most of the time the river is below the elevation of that log. about a month ago i was cutting grass around that log with my mowing machine. >> reporter: a year after the
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state's oyster industry was devastated by the gulf oil spill, river floods threaten to sink the business even further. the shellfish thrive at the bottom of coastal bays, and freshwater from the spillways can kill them. >> it feels like a slow death, i guess, if you would. we have this great hope that everything will live, but we're not naive enough to believe it. >> reporter: it will still be another week before floodwaters reach their peak here, as the waiting game continues. also a wait for the mississippi river to re-open at baton rouge. the coast guard tells nbc news tonight as soon as those barges that sank yesterday are recovered and cleared from the waterway, the river will re-open to traffic. lester. >> janet, thank you. we want to turn to the political fallout from president obama's suggestion that a future middle east should return israel to its 1967 borders. that has not gone over well, and mike joins us live from the white house with details.
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mike. >> reporter: good evening. white house aides and many outside experts insist it was nothing new. after president obama proposed using 44-year-old boundaries as basis for the new palestinian state, the controversy and criticism haven't stopped. it was a blunt message delivered face to face in the oval office by the israeli leader. >> while israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. these lines are indefensible. >> reporter: president obama said those same lines should be the basis for future boundaries between israel and a now sovereign palestine. after their meeting, netanyahu was direct. >> that it will crash events on the rock of the middle eastern reality. >> he played down any rift with a close ally. >> obviously, there were some
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differences between us. that will happen between friends. >> reporter: aides insist the president was stating a long-held position shared by all sides. >> previous american presidents from lyndon johnson to jimmy carter took a muff more severe position. >> reporter: this agreement has been become a plital football with gop presidential hopefuls piling off. the president has thrown israel under a bus mitt romney said. a mistaken and very dangerous demand wrote pawlenty and mish bachmann showed it a shocking display of betrayal toward our allies. >> the republicans see an opportunity to break off from the democrats. >> reporter: it's not just republicans. as some staunch supporters are expressing kerns. >> why do we emphasize things that hurt israel at the expense of the palestinians who won't
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even negotiate face to face? it makes no sense. >> reporter: lester, we can expect to hear more in the comes days. the prime minister stays on here in washington. on tut he gives a speech to a joint meeting of congress, and tomorrow president obama travels across town to give a speech on american/israel relations to a major pro-israel lobbying group. >> the question of borders is personal in the middle east where both risrael and the palestinians lay claim to some of the same land. we have reaction to his speech in the troubled region. >> reporter: in a single statement, president obama went to the core of the arab/israeli conflicts, israel's 1967 borders. the issues remains emotional in israel where many see returning to 1967 as putting israel's very existence at risk. >> the '67 borders are something that is fragile. >> reporter: on the other side of the divide, palestinians feel without enough land they'll
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never be secure either. >> we will not be enthusiastic about anything until we see a real change in the future. >> reporter: in 1967 israel expanded dramatically. in six days they captured the goli heights from syria and the west bank and east jerusalem from jordan. israel returned the sinai in exchange for peace with egypt. arabs have long argued the rest needs to follow in return for more peace, but israel says it needs the golan for water and at least parts of the west bank for settlements and security and that it will not compromise on jerusalem. so for years there's been deadlock until this happened. the arab street has mobilized unleashing pent-up anti-israeli sentiments. last weekend in cairo protestors tried to storm the israeli
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embassy. they wanted to burn it down. after the revolution in egypt and the ongoing protests across the middle east, people in the arab world feel empowered and say that they're no longer willing to accept dictatorship and most are not willing to accept a peace process they say favors israel. egyptians expect arab demands on israel will only grow as the arabs spring revolutions mature. >> the arab people they have the self-confidence. they're not afraid from israel. >> reporter: for the united states it's a politically risky balance to protect an ally but also to embrace the changing middle east. richard engel, nbc news, cairo. and that arab spring has taken another deadly turn in syria, where government security forces opened fire today on a funeral procession for 8 of the 44 anti-government protestors killed yesterday. at least three more were killed today and a human rights group says that brings the total number of people killed to more than 900.
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in a sign that the taliban is following through on the threat to increase attacks following the death of osama bin laden, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a tent at the main military hospital in kabul. it was filled with afghan medical students eating lunch. at least six were killed and 23 others were hurt. all over spain today people defied a ban on demonstrations aimed at tomorrow's local elections. protests against high unemployment and the government measures are now a week old. people are angry at both major parties for not bringing spain ouft of the prolonged crisis. amanda knox was back in an appeals court today insisting she says nnts of murder and does not want to spend the rest of her life in prison. we have the developments. >> reporter: in an emotional plea before the judge, amanda knox said she is innocent and she found prison life frustrating and mentally exhausting. she said a 23-year-old girl is now facing life in prison for a
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crime she didn't commit. in court today the judge allowed another 40-day extension to the forensic scientist appointed by the court to go over the evidence. what we're hearing from very good sources is there is no dna left to evaluate going back to the original records. if that is the case, it's quite possible that the prosecution's case will fall part. we're told that there are some other witnesses that will be coming later in the trial, and this appeal process, which has been going on now for eight months, has been extend pd again. we're not expecting a wrap to this until september and perhaps no actual verdict until the fall. lester. >> keith miller in italy. pope benedict had a direct line to the heavens today. he spoke to the astronauts, the first time a pope has done that. he told mark kelly he hopes his wife gabrielle giffords
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earth, a doomsday scenario from a california minister who spent millions of dollars in contributions from his followers to advertise the end of days all over the world. george lewis reports on what did and what did not happen. >> reporter: times square new york at precisely 6:00 p.m. tonight. nothing out of the ordinary happened. the world did not end. that was the prediction of oakland, california pastor harold camping, spreading the doomsday word through billboards, pamphlets and radio and active brotv broadcasts. >> it will begin with a huge earthquake probably on the other side of the world where the day begins. >> reporter: but on the other side of the world in the philippines, camping's followers waited and again nothing happened. >> there's a long history of people making phophetic statements about the end of the world, and harold is in a long
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line of failures. >> reporter: it's easy to make fun of this doomsday business. people had a field day in the social media posting pictures and video of empty suits. on twitter these comments. this is my first rapture. i'm trying to figure out what to wear. and people, people are making rapture jokes like there's no tomorrow. recent events might lead some to believe the world is indeed ending. the tsunami and nuclear disaster in japan, the onslaught of tornadoes in the south, all those floods along the mississippi, disaster of biblical proportions. the movie "2012" was based on what some believe is a doomsday prediction for next year in the ancient mayan calendar. now there are questions about how the followers of reverend camping will react. >> i think it's important to watch out for people who were in the midst of this group to make sure they don't harm themselves
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or that they don't harm others. >> reporter: in oakland they were another religious leader, the reverend jim jones and how he led his followers to commit mass suicide in ghana. nobody is saying that will happen this time, but those that cashed in life savings believing the world would end today are bound to be crushed. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. up next, if you own an iphone or ipad, we have news you'll want to hear. [ male announcer ] a moment that starts off ordinary
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some 20 million americans use at&t for their iphone and ipad service but now the company is under fire from customers say they're overcharged. lisa myers has details of their class action lawsuit. >> reporter: whenever you check a website, download an app or play a game, you use data. it's counted against your monthly data limit. lisa and mike stewart, a four-i phone family chose the smallest for mike because he doesn't use his phone much. >> look at the charges. >> reporter: within days he was surprised to find he's exceeded his limit generating an overcharge. >> $15 additional charge. >> reporter: more surprising is phantom charges. >> there's unusual activity on the bill in the middle of the night when we're all sleeping. they're data charges.
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>> reporter: the class action lawsuit accuses at&t of systemically overcharging customers. >> it's like a rigged gas pump where when you go to the gasoline station and you ask for a gallon of gas, you only get 0.9. >> reporter: we asked john davis who isn't involved in the lawsuit so show us how much data is downloaded when you click on various sites. click on msnbc, it's a good deal larger than the google website. >> reporter: most news sites are going to be larger, are they not, in terms of data usage? >> yes, they will be. >> reporter: click on a youtube video and it uses more data. for this lawsuit the lawyers say they hired an independent computer firm to precisely measure every time the test iphones and ipads used dat a in some way and compared it with the bill from at&t. they found at&t systemically
5:54 pm
overstated data usage by 7% to 14%, sometimes as much as 300%. did you find overcharges on every single transaction? >> yes, every single one. >> reporter: did you ever find an instance where the discrepancy worked to the benefit of the customer? >> never. always an overcharge, never an undercharge. >> reporter: to test for the phantom charges, the lawsuit says the engineer bought a new iphone, disabled everything that might trigger data usage and let the phone sit for ten days on but untouched. when the bill came in, there were charges for 35 different transactions. >> it's just that someone is just coming in and stealing those minutes away from you. they're robbing the time from your plan. >> reporter: at&t says the a littles are without merit and reflect a misunderstanding of how data is consumed and billed. for example, the company says some apps have software that
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[ door closes, silence ] [ male announcer ] i know what you're thinking. "leather-trimmed command center, "almost 300 horsepower, "infiniti surround sound, "seating for seven -- wait. this is a minivan?" makes you almost want to have kids. [ child screams ] [ male announcer ] almost. the new 2011 dodge grand caravan. now get $2,000 cash allowance or 0% financing for 60 months on select 2011 dodge grand caravans. it's one of the biggest nights in horse racing. preakness stakes in baltimore, the second leg of the triple crown. the chance for animal kingdom to
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stake his claim to history and for his competitors to try and quash that dream. we have the dramatic finish from pimlico. >> and they're into the stretch. and shackleford on the outside, the leader. astrology and animal kingdom. he's in. animal kingdom, and it's shackleford in front. animal kingdom on the outside is coming. shackleford, animal kingdom, here's the wire. shackleford holds on to the preakness. >> the winner you just saw was shackleford. animal kingdom came in second just barely behind him. no triple crown this year. next stop is the belmont stakes next month in new york. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today" and right back here tomorrow evening. "today" and right back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac --
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. according to an east bay preacher, the beginning of the end of the


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